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Undead that dont fit elsewhere

Chaos Isle Zombie Deck

Chaos Isle is a non-collectible Mission-Based Card Game that can be played Solo or by 2-6 players using just a single deck. Each deck consists of 102 vividly illustrated cards, including Missions, Characters, Equipment, Enemies, Tasks and Events. Chaos Isle is easy to learn and quick to play, and provides enough strategy to keep experienced gamers entertained while possessing enough randomness to accomodate beginnners; giving them a chance to win as well.

Munchkin Card Game

Kick in that door, nick that treasure, but best of all, do over the other players. Lots. This is the classic table top card game that pokes fun at all those Dungeons and Dragons Geeks. Er, thats people like you and me. Its great fun though, and highly recommended.

Killer Bunnies Card Game

Those pesky bunnies, armed with their thermonuclear weapons and egg whisks..... its a dangerous old world we live in, don't ya think?

Family Business card game

Dominion card game

Chez Geek card games

Chrononauts card game

Bohnanza card games

Lost Cities

UNO card games

Fluxx card games

Bang card games

Top Trumps Card Games

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